The workshop takes place in the small fishing village of Olhão. There are lovely boats of all shapes filling the harbor. The charming village with its cubic whitewashed houses, flat roof terraces and chimneys are evocative of Moorish architecture are perfect drawing subject matter. It also has a large daily indoor market offering a variety of fresh fish and sea food straight from the fishing boats and a vast array of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables to both eat and draw! Mornings will be spent wandering and drawing the town or visiting the near by islands while most afternoons will find us in the cool of the indoor studio. 

Our home will be at the Art in the Algarve, in their two restored house - the School House and the Pool HouseEquipped with wifi, 3 swimming pools as well as private rooms with en-suite bathrooms ensured a comfortable stay.

The studio is a gem - equipped with easels, full of indirect light and adjacent to several of the courtyards and terraces, it's an artist's heaven. On the warmest of days the ceiling fans and the near by pool offer plenty of cooling options. And on the days we go out, each person will have a rolling cart equipped with a portable easel, stool, umbrella and water bottle. 

A full buffet breakfast is served each morning. Lunch or dinner with wine, prepared by resident chef, Margarida, will be served at the house . The other meal will be at a local restaurants, where you will order from the full menu (all covered in the price of the workshop).

The workshop is an opportunity to:
  • Enjoy fresh, beautiful food
  • Be inspired by our surroundings
  • Make lots art in a supportive atmosphere
I'll be doing demonstrations on keeping a sketchbook, finding an image, creating compositional sketches and working with pastels. The small group will allow for plenty of one-on-one support and feedback as well as group critiques. I encourage the creation of work that embraces the unexpected and  I will support each person in their unique direction.